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oil and gas optimize production

Engineers have improved performance on thousands of assets around the world using NarrativeWave.

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Get time back

Automate manual analyses. Create actionable insights instead of noisy alerts and reduce time diagnosing issues.

Catch problems faster

Deploy workflows that catch trends and anomalies before they cause downtime and become major problems.

Increase visibility 

Check issues automatically, every day. Deploy automated insights across your field operations.


Leverage your knowledge

Drag & drop editors and a pre-built library of analytics analyze real root causes. Dive deeper into python code to geek out.

Continuously improve 

Record feedback on what works so the system gets smarter over time. Score corrective actions, label root causes.


Increase asset performance

Reduce downtime, detect production underperformance, and optimize well performance to improve your bottom line.

Standard monitoring works like this:

Standard monitoring relies on simple alerts that require significant manual diagnosis by engineers after something has gone wrong.

It is time-consuming, reactive, and distracts engineers from focusing
on how to improve asset performance.




Smart monitoring goes beyond: 

Focus on what really matters: Improving asset performance.

Automate diagnostics on assets, leverage powerful analytics, and create actionable insights instead of noisy alerts.




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