Lean Analytic Canvas

We took our learnings and best practices from analytics deployed on thousands of assets around the globe and created this worksheet.

Use it alongside this guide to define the who, what, when, where, and why of analytics  - enabling you to focus on driving the most value for your organization.


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Guide to Developing Impactful Analytics

Guide to Developing Impactful Analytics

Many data science projects fail - yours doesn’t have to.  Learn how to successfully define and deploy analytics with maximum impact.

Enel Green Power goes beyond monitoring with narrativewave

Case Study: Enel Green Power x NarrativeWave

Read how Enel partnered with NarrativeWave to deploy predictive analytics and migrate from reactive to fully proactive operations

NarrativeWave Self-Service Analytics Go Beyond Monitoring

Self-Service Solution - Video Tour

 Imagine if instead of  routinely reacting to alerts, you could create valuable insights, predict failures, and automate corrective actions.  Learn more in this video.